Defensive Driving Course

What is Defensive Driving?

You may have heard people in the driver tuition trade use the term “defensive driving” but what is it?

All roads lead to a pass
Defensive Driving Should Become Habit
  • Improve Your Driving Skills to Become a Better Driver
  • Staying Focused
  • Adopting Defensive Driving as a Habit
  • You Will Learn new Driving Skills #thinkdriving

Defensive Driving Course

You may of heard the term “defensive driving” but what is it?

Defensive driving is a particular style of driving that makes uses various techniques and tactics to keep you safe and steer clear (excuse the pun) from issues caused by other drivers and pedestrians sharing the road with you.

Your safety is the main benefit of defensive driving, as you are less likely to be involved in an accident if you follow a few simple rules. There are other advantages too, including better fuel economy and putting less strain on your car. 

OK Drive have designed a 3-hour course to provide a foundation you can build on in your own time in the car.

The cost of our Foundation Defensive Driving Course is £95.00

We can show you how the use a few simple techniques can transform the way you drive and help you become a better defensive driver and stay safe on the roads.

  • Speed Control – Keep your Distance

  • Always Expect – The Unexpected

  • Safe Driving Distance The 2 second Rule

  • Driver Commentary See how this will Change Che Way You Drive


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