Refresher Driving Lessons

OK Drive provides refresher driver training for experienced drivers (not just training for learner drivers)

Driving Cones
Build On Your Skills
  • Assessment drive Let us identify areas for improvement development for you
  • Lessons for anxious drivers or people who have not driven for a long time
  • Some Instruction on a specific skill, such as reversing, roundabouts or maybe parking
  • Lessons for drivers that have not driven for some time
  • Driver development training (often provided by employers)
  • Defensive driving foundation lessons defensive driving

Boost Your Confidence in Driving

As the traffic levels are increasing on the roads at an alarming rate and more and more people are driving at dangerously high speeds, many of us are facing issues with driving and road safely. Brushing up driving skills is the best way to boost confidence and enhance your own and that of your passenger’s safety. A refresher course will prove to be of great help in improving driving skills and habits.

  • New road law and the Highway Code
  • Driving is a skill that needs to be developed
  • Been involved in a accident or near miss, let us help build confidence
  • Motorway and fast roads we can help you overcome anxiety
  • Parallel and bay parking it’s quite easy with the correct tuition
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