Stop Learner Abuse Now


The following message brings a very important message about the rights of learners to drive without any form of abuse from other road users. This is an issue that affects a significant number of learners who are trying to gain confidence as drivers and should be approached with the utmost seriousness. We believe that every driver, whether learners or experienced, should be treated with respect and consideration while on the road and this is what the message is advocating for. It is therefore important that we take a moment to sign the petition, which is aimed at calling on the Government to do more to protect the rights of learners on the road. By signing this petition, we will be playing a crucial role in making our roads safer and more welcoming for all drivers, regardless of their experience level.

The statistics provided by Marmalade, a well-known learner insurance provider, are highly concerning when it comes to dangerous driving behaviors around learner drivers. It has been observed that a whopping 81% of learner drivers face abuse from their fellow road users. As a consequence of such behavior, around 72% of the learners end up making more errors, thus putting the lives of everyone in danger. The study also revealed that approximately two-thirds of learners have fallen victim to tailgating and aggressive overtaking. Moreover, 44% have experienced being cut off while 59% have been subjected to excessive honking. These distressing experiences have caused around 49% of learners to pull over, while 8% have given up driving altogether.

In light of these facts and figures, it is high time to include reckless driving around learners as an aggravating factor that should lead to stronger sentences and greater deterrence. This would ensure road safety while protecting the vulnerable learner drivers who are still in the process of mastering this crucial life skill.