This may effect the reverse bay parking manoeuvre when on a test booked at the Cheltenahm test center and other test centres that do not have facilities in their own car parks to carry out the reverse parking exercise in the future.
DVSA UPDATE: Trialling reverse parking manoeuvre in non DVSA car parks
Trialling reverse parking manoeuvre in non DVSA car parks for practical car tests
DVSA is to launch a reverse parking trial at 15 driving test centres across Great Britain. This will enable the reverse parking manoeuvres on the car driving test and ADI part 2 test to be carried out in non-DVSA car parks.
The trial will start on 1 February 2022 and run for around 6 weeks. This will give our driving examiners greater flexibility to conduct reverse parking manoeuvres at the selected locations.
Driving test centres set to take part in the trial are:
Stafford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Barnsley, Wakefield, Chester, Northwich, Upton, Wallasey, St Helens, Wolverhampton, Gillingham, Bishopbriggs, Gateshead, Durham and Abergavenny.
On behalf of myself and my colleagues I would like to say that we do teach this exercise as part of driver training as we believe is a very useful skill that you will need when out in the real world.