A short film using mindfulness to improve road safety among young drivers in Sussex. This version contains no captions.

The aim of this short film is to target young drivers, demonstrating why the Mindfulness technique is worth using. It aims to introduce Mindfulness to drivers in order to give them a centring tool to help them fully engage with the road environment when they are driving, and not get distracted.

Brighton & Hove City Council and the NHS decided to see if a short film could help improve road safety among young drivers by introducing mindfulness in a simple film.
• 1 in 5 young drivers aged 17-19 will be involved in a police reportable crash
• Failure to look properly/emotional/physical distraction is the largest collision factor for young drivers in Sussex and nationwide.

Research suggests that mindful driving can improve driver awareness and increase driver safety.

Keep your Mind in Gear is produced as a partnership between the Road Safety Department of Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Mindfulness Centre. With thanks to our actors, Jimmy O’Brien and Eve Bellers
Voiceover by Jon Briggs

Opening music by Dako – Rapid Fire (Prod. Nxrth Road) Fade by Nxrth Road
Sarah West, Film Maker, West Creative