The Dutch Reach

The Dutch Reach is a simple change of habit that can save lives.

Every year, at least 500 people across England, Wales and Scotland are injured when someone opens a car door into their path – but the actual figure is much higher, as many collisions aren’t reported.  

The Dutch Reach encourages you to open your car door safely. Instead of using the hand closest to the door, reach across with the hand furthest from the door – your left hand if you’re a driver (in the UK).  By using the Dutch Reach, you naturally turn your body towards the window, helping you spot approaching cyclists and other oncoming traffic. It also allows you to open the door slowly and carefully, rather than swinging it open in one movement. Save lives and #TeachTheReach This educational film was produced by Cycling UK in partnership with Uber.  

For more information head to:  This film is freely available in 2D and as a VR film online and to driving schools, police, road safety partnerships, local authorities and schools, colleges and universities. We want to ensure that as many people as possible learn and adopt the Dutch Reach. Please contact campaigns[at] for more information and for copies of the film.